You are completely free to choose which DJ or band etc. you want. The offer is only very big and can sometimes be overwhelming. We have been working satisfied with our regular home suppliers for a couple of years! Are you looking for something, but is it not listed? We have many more tips, so don't hesitate to ask us! Want to know more about the prices or availability? You can contact us directly 


Looking for an activity to make your event even more fun? We work together with Pepsports, among others. They can organize various (sporting) activities on the beach or water. Check the Pepsports website for all options. You can contact us directly or let the contact go through us.



Looking for a flexible relaxed photographer with original ideas and a competitive price? Then contact Josi!



Artistic productions guarantees a good party. In advance you have mutual contact about the choice of music and any requests. Have you become enthusiastic? Then contact us now!




A white wing to support your event? Paula arranges it! With her beautiful vocals she is a welcome addition during a drink or dinner. Knowing more? Contact Paula!



Looking for a nice band for your party? These friendly men ensure that everyone goes crazy in no time. They have many different options, in short: at your service!


How nice is it to have a cocktail bar on the terrace during your party? Luka & Dylan (YourBooth) has various mobile cocktail bars and shakes the tastiest and most beautiful cocktails. Is this entirely in line with what you have in mind? Then contact Luka!




A fantastic ending that will stay with everyone? Caffero fireworks has the experience and resources to provide a beautiful fireworks show! Interested? Contact Caffero!



Do you want to let big and small enjoy during your party? It is often quite a task to entertain the youngest for a longer time. No worries, Creative Confetti takes care of everything. Discuss with them your wishes and put together a program that perfectly matches your party! Does this sound like a relief? Then quickly contact Creative Confetti!



Would you like your child (ren) to be picked up when the party starts? Babysitter Madelief arranges it! In advance, the babysitter at home can be careful a few times to get acquainted, so that it is also easy for you to surrender to the festivities and leave the children confident with a reliable babysitter. Does this sound like a good idea? Please contact Babysitter Madelief