Weekend wedding deluxe deal

15:00 Reception of guests, completely decorated
15:45 Ceremony on the beach 
16:30 Toasting with prosecco & cut the cake
16:45 Drinks, snacks & photo moment
18:00 Wedding couple opens the dinner, eg beach BBQ
19:30 Festive ice cream cake with fireworks!
19:45 Coffee time
20:00 Start party evening
Table set, sunset photos
21:00 Snacks, luxury cold snacks
22:00 Snacks, luxurious warm bitter garnish
23:00 Late night snack: cone with fries and mayonnaise
00:00 End of a beautiful day
Inclusive o.a.: to book on :
Prosecco thursday
Drinks friday
Diner BBQ deluxe Saturday
Luxury snacks for a party evening  
Late night snack  
Strong drinks for party evening  
Flower decoration deluxe  
Twee balloontree  
100 heliumballoons  
Decoration own color choice  
Extra long runner  
Fire basket two pieces  
Location rental  

The price is based on a wedding of 40 day guests and 100 party guests (both incl. Bridal couple). Extras are possible in consultation.

The total price includes service, location costs, layout and VAT. The total amount is excl. The municipal fees for the wedding ceremony and costs not mentioned in the arrangement.